Consumer Relations (Recipient Rights)

Any Customer receiving services from The Montcalm Center for Behavioral Health has the right to file a grievance when a covered service is denied, suspended, reduced, or terminated without agreement by the customer, or if it occurs outside of the person centered planning process.

If you are denied entry into services, you can ask the Executive Director of The Montcalm Center for a second opinion.

For Assistance, contact the Consumer Relations Coordinator at The Montcalm Center at 989-831-7520, or write us at:
Attn: Consumer Relations Coordinator
The Montcalm Center
611 N. State Street
Stanton, MI 48888

Information will be taken regarding your concern, and the Consumer Relations Coordinator will immediately begin to resolve your grievance. You will be contacted within 10 days regarding your grievance.

All Medicaid customers have the right to file a fair hearing request with the Michigan Department of Community Health.

All Non-Medicaid customers have the right to access the MDCH Alternative Resolution Process upon completion of the Local Dispute Resolution process.

All customers may also access the Montcalm Center's Recipient Rights Complaint system in addition to the Grievance or Dispute Resolution process.